does your creative cup runneth over?

I invite you to embrace your ability to conceive an infinite number of exciting project ideas and celebrate your ambition to achieve them! 

All you need is a simple system to help you get clarity on which project ideas serve your highest priorities and increase your focus on the tasks that will truly move your dream project forward while ignoring the ones that will hold it back. 

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Sticky Focus™ is a refreshing series of interactive prompts for intuitive and multi-passionate women that helps you quickly know which projects and tasks to focus on and which ones to ignore and empowers you to move forward until you bring your dream project to fruition!

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“This is a game changer.”

– Najela Carter

You’re looking for a feel-good way to bring your dream project to fruition?

Picture this…

Despite your hefty to do list, you’re crystal clear about which tasks to focus on and feel confident that you’ll get a high return on the time and energy you invest in your dream project.


You’re level of focus increases every time you sit down to work on your dream project. Distractions no longer hold your productivity hostage and interruptions ain’t got nothin’ on you!

You’re laughing all the way to the finish line!


When you wake up in the morning, you can’t wait to dive into your dream project because you know the good you will do for yourself and others.

And when you go to bed at night, you’re feeling damn proud of yourself because you moved your dream project forward!

This cupcake is for you love.

”I would like to start by expressing my gratitude for Olivia West in creating this program and allowing me the opportunity to experience Sticky Focus™!

I got started a few days ago and have found this program to be super helpful! I’ve struggled with monkey mind and got really good over the years at working on distracting busy projects…but with nothing to show at the end of the day!

This planner has been a breath of fresh air as I can actually physically see the value and the effort of each task. It’s a wake up call showing me what I need to prioritize!! I recommend this to any business owner that struggles with identifying where to put their energy and time! Thank you again!”

For generations, the men and women in my family have uplifted their communities through their projects and businesses. And I feel that it’s my time to contribute to this journey by offering my generation of women a system to help them bring their dream projects to fruition.

The Sticky FocusTM Formula is based on 3 key principles:

Part of being productive is having clarity about what step to take next. So the first principle you’ll learn is how to prioritize your dream projects and how to prioritize the needle-moving tasks while eliminating time-wasters and booby traps. 

Another part of being productive is stretching our focus muscles so that each task get the full attention they need to get completed. To get laser-focused, we need to create physical and mental space that make it easy and effortless to do so. I call this space the Sticky Focus Zone and give you tools and show you how to get into it.

Motivation is a powerful driver of productivity and as intuitives, we have way more control over our level of motivation than we believe! We have the ability to tap into our emotions to  boost our motivation to do any task, daunting or boring and I’ll show you how to use the Sticky Focus Journaling practice to do just that!


”From the moment of the first Sticky FocusTM prompt that helped strategically prioritize the tasks I needed to complete for the day, I was blown away! 

My first thought was “This is a game-changer.” Seriously. I had never done such unique prompts that were not only practical, but they hit me on a deep level. 

The motivation prompts that I completed got me so fired up and ready to work that I finished everything I had on my list even the biggest task on that list;  FacebookTM ads training! I had never completed a prompt that took something that made my to-do so much more relevant to my overall goals. 

The Sticky FocusTM motivational prompts was worth the price of admission alone!”


Sticky Focus™ is a refreshing series of interactive prompts for intuitive and multi-passionate women that helps you quickly know which projects and tasks to focus on and which ones to ignore and empowers you to move forward until you bring your dream project to fruition!

Offer shot Sticky Focus

JUST $47!

“This is a game changer.”

– Najela Carter




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Thats my story

Enjoy finishing your
projects without...

  • Getting Overwhelmed
  • Draining your Motivation
  • Feeling Lost
  • Wasting Time

bring your dream projects to fruition

Here's what the Sticky FocusTM Formula will help you do:


Use a simple tool to get instant clarity on which tasks to focus on and which ones to avoid so that you don’t waste time getting to the finish line!


Gain control over the precious time you block to work on your project by naturally repelling interruptions.


Create a deep connection to your dream project, so that you’ll always make it a priority, letting no shiny objects get in your way!


Effortlessly boost your motivation to do those hard but valuable tasks that would otherwise induce procrastination.


Increase your capacity to focus one one task long enough to get it done without hurting your brain.


It is really easy to implement the Sticky FocusTM Formula as I’ve designed it to take you through the program step-by-step!

The Sticky FocusTM Formula will help you get clarity, focus and motivation!

Sticky Focus™ is a refreshing series of interactive prompts for intuitive and multi-passionate women that helps you quickly know which projects and tasks to focus on and which ones to ignore and empowers you to move forward until you bring your dream project to fruition!

Sticky FocusTM  is an interactive productivity tool that prompts you to implement the exact productivity techniques I used to bring my active creative mind from starting 50 things at a time to finishing every project I start.

Six sessions are delivered to your Messenger and you can also schedule the times you want to receive them.

A Sticky FocusTM  session is like following a recipe to:

  • Prioritize your dream projects and tasks.
  • Focus on the highest leverage tasks for longer periods of time.
  • Get motivated to get your tasks done.
  • Repeat until your project is finished!



In this first session, I show you how to quickly prioritize all your project ideas to make it super easy for you to choose the one you will focus on first!  

I’ll then show you how to quickly categorize your tasks into 4 priority levels: Sweet Quickies, Big Honey Pots, Back Burners and Booby Traps. 

You won’t ever work hard on a task only to realize it was for nothing!


In this session, I coach you to become aware of the things that rob you of your focus and teach you a simple productivity technique that’ll help you get out of the clone zone where you feel you need to be at two or three places at once and I show you how stay focused on your important task no matter what distractions come your way!  


Using the 60-60-Chill© formula you’ll practice stretching your focus muscles to be more productive, one task at a time. 

You’ll also learn the secret to avoid feeling exhausted after a long period of concentrating on a task.


Practice a simple and powerful journaling technique called Deep Connections Chats© that will help you focus only on the task that matters and  make distractions boring and uninteresting to you. 

You’ll get to test the effect of this technique as I’ll encourage you to do a task immediately after this 15-min session.


In this session, I invite you again to choose a project a daunting task to work on as I’ll show you how to use the Big Props© journaling technique to help you use your emotions to push through that task in a way that feels good to you! 

You’ll see what a difference Big Props© makes!


You’ll learn in this session you’ll practice the Spark Your Start© journaling technique that will get you motivated to start your most daunting task, making procrastination a thing of the past! 


With the Sticky FocusTM Formula, I will show you how to get focused, gain clarity and get motivated to get your dream project done!

You've got too many exciting things to do and you ain't got the time or energy to waste on those activities that hold you back!

Your dream project is worth your full attention and you deserve to go to bed every night feeling proud of the time and energy you invest when doing the tasks that truly move your project forward.

It’s been quite the year and if you’re feeling hopeful about what you can make happen in the near future, following the Sticky FocusTM Formula is the fastest, simplest and funnest way to help you get focused, gain clarity and motivated so that you can bring your dream project to fruition!

How much longer before you give your dreams the full attention?



If you’re not 100% satisfied with the system, the program, the techniques or the support within 30 days, I will offer you a full refund. You have my word on that.

Make your payment today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re in for good! Take the full 30 days to explore the materials and experience the vibe of  Sticky FocusTM  and THEN… make a decision using the information YOU HAVE, rather than the information you don’t.


Prioritize your tasks and get instant clarity on the tasks that will move your project forward and avoid the ones that make you feel like you’re working hard but at the end of the day, you realize they’ve gotten you nothing and nowhere.


Making your dream project happen requires a lot of your energy. That’s why I’ve included my proven Energy-Boosting Rituals Workbook to help you build high-leverage habits that are not only easy to implement but rewarding! 


These printable notes are both simple and powerful as they help you focus on your task at hand while helping you karate chop interruptions that keep you from getting your task done! Ha ya!



Schedule Sticky FocusTM Booster sessions at your convenience and receive in your Messenger the condensed 15-min version of the formula as a refresher for everything you learned to help you get in the mood and attitude to get any task done! And, you’ll get these booster sessions for as long as you need!



I’m a Focus Coach!

Hi, my name is Olivia!

I spent the better part of 14 years starting new projects I couldn’t finish.  Though I was pretty good at planning projects, I would get distracted by the wind and lose focus when it was time to take action and at the end of my days, I felt like I was working hard for very little return.

I was 36 when it hit me hard that if I didn’t learn to focus on my project tasks, my future would only be a reflection of my past failures.  Mama and papa taught me never to give up so I made it my mission to figure out  how to increase my focus so that I could move forward and make my dream projects inevitably happen. 

My journey turned into 3 years of testing and developing a mix of journaling and productivity techniques. I knew I had finally found my magic formula when for the first time in what felt like forever, I was able to not only complete projects for myself, but I was completing them for others too! Me, the girl who would get distracted by the wind!

So I decided to pursue one of my dreams and got certified as a life coach and now, with my Sticky FocusTM Formula, I help intuitive and multi-passionate women move their dream projects forward to fruition!


I started working with Olivia when I was in a time of hectic transition in almost ever area of my life: school, work, home, relationship – everything had changed suddenly, and I was stressed to the max.

With Olivia’s support and formulas I was able to not just achieve but surpass almost every goal I’d set for myself, and now I’m eagerly taking on even bigger dreams!


Thanks to Olivia’s coaching, I discovered much more than marketing tools or tips. I’ve come to understand that what’s even more valuable to succeed in my very competitive sector: my inner spark. The fire that allows me to find the confidence and motivation I need today. I’m now able to rely on the knowledge gained during my journey with Olivia to accomplish meaningful projects that not only define the services offered to my clients but also the relationship I have with them. A very rare added value. Thank you, Olivia.


As I used the Sticky FocusTM Notes, I began to see myself chisel away at even the most daunting tasks. I also began to use Sticky FocusTM Formula to have tools so that I could manage barriers that interfered with my focus. The Sticky FocusTM Notes and the Sticky FocusTM Formula have helped me tremendously so that I can remain focused and finally move my business forward. I have never used such an easy system that has yielded great results.

I help my clients get focused on the tasks that matter and motivated to get to the finish line!

Increasing your capacity to focus, get clarity and get motivated to finish what your start are your keys to making your dream project happen.

With Sticky FocusTM, you can avoid the projects that do not serve your purpose and ignore the tasks that hold you back.



It’s meant to help you accomplish any project task that requires long hours of focused attention. It works really well if you want to launch a business.

Partly. In session 1, I teach you how to prioritize your tasks into 4 categories but the main focus of this course is to teach you how to build your focus muscles, gain clarity and boost your motivation to finish what you start.

Sticky FocusTM is unique because it’s designed to NOT get in your way or slow you down. So after each session, you’ll actually have worked on your own project tasks!  It’s like following a recipe! Another difference is that the sessions are delivered in Messenger and you can get reminders to work on your tasks when it’s convenient for you! The biggest difference is that 90% of the time you invest following the sessions is time you directly invest in moving your project forward!
At this time, Sticky FocusTM is delivered only in Messenger for now.  There are plans, however to make Sticky Focus  available on other popular platforms in the future.

It’s an interactive course where I show you step by step, how to implement the exact productivity and journaling techniques I used to go from unsuccessfully chasing tons of projects to finishing every project I start.

You’ll get 6 Sticky FocusTM sessions delivered on the days that you schedule in your Messenger.

The Sticky FocusTM  experience is like following a recipe:

  • Focus on the right tasks for longer periods of time.
  • Get motivated to get your tasks done.
  • Repeat until your project is finished!

Although there are aspects of planning with the scheduling feature, for the moment, Sticky FocusTM has one purpose; to help you build your focus muscles and boost your motivation to do the tasks that will move your dream project to the finish line.

I do plan to offer a planning workshop in the near future.

You deserve to have the freedom your dream project will bring you.

And Sticky FocusTM
is the simple and fast solution
 to help you get the clarity, focus and motivation you seek to get your project done.

Just what you need to get your dream project to the finish line!

I want to thank Olivia for providing me with a wonderful tool for my arsenal! As a “multi-potential” person, I sometimes have trouble identifying where I should focus next. Using the tools provided, I have been able to not only identify which tasks I should focus on first, I’ve been able to prioritize the many different projects I want to complete. I absolutely recommend Sticky Focus to anyone who wants to gain some insight and control over their work!


Get Sticky FocusTM while its at the insane price of $47 instead of its true value of $242!

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the system, the program, the techniques or the support within 30 days, I will offer you a full refund. You have my word on that.

If you have questions, please contact support at

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